Our Services



Moonee Valley Osteopathy has a well established reputation as a provider of exceptional osteopathic care since 1996, established by Dr Glen Bales.

Osteopaths focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function as a holistic unit.  We utilise different hands on techniques and exercises to restore function and movement.  We treat common conditions such as headaches, joint sprains, muscle and soft tissue injuries, RSI and overuse injuries, back and neck pain as well as other musculoskeletal injuries.  Complicated, chronic conditions are a common presentation in our clinic.  

We also offer dry needling and cupping!


Shockwave Therapy

Our new Radial Shockwave machine offers state of the art treatment of chronic injuries that are resistant or non-responsive to traditional manual therapy and can be a great alternative to surgery for common tendon and soft tissue pathologies.  Shockwave can be utilised to treat chronic pain, chronic tendon injuries and calcific tendonitis, myofascial trigger points, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis and many other chronic conditions.  We are able to fine tune the shockwave machine to the individual for specific effective treatment.


Remedial Massage

Moonee Valley Osteopathy offers high class remedial massage and soft tissue work to assist with recovery, stress and soft tissue injuries.  Our highly trained staff are here to assist with your recovery and to provide an adjunct to osteopathic and/or shockwave therapy.